About Us

3abkari is the first integrated virtual learning-platform in the region. It provides the possibility to create virtual teaching rooms that provide the teacher/ school/ university/ or institutes with the possibility of distance-education using the most advanced tools, and provides students with a high quality of education through the advanced means available. There are direct live lessons, pre-recorded lessons, or a hybrid-system mixing between the two (i.e. live and recorded sessions).

Our Services

  • The possibility of giving direct/live and interactive lectures with students.
  • The possibility of establishing recorded lectures or a combination of pre-recorded and live lectures.
  • The possiblity to share multi-media during and after the lecture between students and lecturer.
  • A dialogue-forum for each subject will be established to allow students and teachers to communicate and exchange information and documents.
  • Developed educational management system that provides the possibility to build scheduled lessons electronically.
  • Tools to manage lectures, schedules, content, examination and testing, as well as student enrollment management.
  • Interactive virtual board between teacher and student.
  • A diary for both the teacher and the student.
  • Information security; so that it will not be possible to record lectures without the approval of the lecturer, and any attempt to record the lecture illegally will be tracked.
  • Only students enrolled in the course can attend the course with the consent of the lecturer.
  • The podium allows the speaker to deliver the lecture from anywhere in the world.